Earn $250-$750/Month Online From Home As A Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best way to earn money online . But getting a job as a freelancer is not that much easy for the beginners . To work as a freelancer  you must have some skill like writing skill,typing, website creation , designing , marketing , language  command( translator),  see full  list of job provided by freelancer.

Beside this there are local jobs which you can find in your locality.

Working as a freelancer is best for those who had command in their field and want some extra income from home.It is best for peoples who are jobless even after doing heavy courses  or for those who are working and want to utilize there time and skill to earn some extra money.
Depending upon the job you get ,you could get paid upto $5- $200 per job done or even more . Some jobs are of upto $12000( twelve thousand dollars). For those peoples who belong to a country where dollar is not accept can get payment via paypal.com which will convert dollars you earned into your local currency.  
There are basically two most popular international sites which provide you job as a freelancer-

Out of these two websites freelancer.com is best in my view .So here's  how to set up a freelancer account-

1- Signup for a freelancer account . Fill the form and tick on the work to signup as a freelancer worker ( Remember to verify your email address check your inbox  to verify your email address).

2- Select the skill and field you want to work and after selecting click continue . You  can add more skill later from your profile page.

3- Verify your payment method , this will be used to send payment you earned  from your job done or you can skip and fill this detail later.

4- Next is to complete your profile . It is very important part cause when you apply for a job  first thing that a employer , will see is  your profile so make sure to complete your profile .

5 - Click on edit profile and complete all your details including your professional headline , profile summary, your original photo as this will create a trust in your employer  , experience , educational  qualification and extra skills you learned.

6- On the basis of skill you had selected you will get job so make sure to add all your skill.
7- Once you had completed your profile now it's time to search for a job to which you can apply . Click on the work  and select project with my skill 

8- Now scroll down and select one of the job you like .

9- Once the job description opens click on Bid  On this project to apply for the job.

10- Now enter amount you want for this job and number of days you required to complete this job. Always try to bid less amount to increase you chance to get the job specially for the beginners because you new and don't  have the reputation so  your fist aim is to create your reputation by completing maximum number of job . Once your reputation is established  then you can demand for higher amount to do job.

11-Once fill the amount scroll down and click on place bid.

12- Now you will be redirected to the final page , here you to write  a proposal  to place your bid . In proposal you can write how you the the best person for this job. You can include your your experience in your proposal, after writing the proposal  click on submit proposal/ finish and you are done .   

Your bid has been placed successfully now wait for the bid to close. To increase your chance of selection , bid on as many project as you can

You can also  check out this freelancerwriting  training software to become success as a writer in freelancers world

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