Earn Online Income From Youtube Beginner's Guide

We all know  youtube is a website on which we can see videos uploaded by other users or can upload our own videos .But many of us don't know that you can use your uploaded videos on youtube  to earn passive income .
Today I am going to discuss about how you can use youtube.com  to earn money  online .

Step I   Creating  a Youtube  Channel

If you already had a gmail account then your youtube.com  account  is automatically  created . All you have to  do is open  youtube.comOn the home page of youtube .com  in the left hand side  you will see my channel tab Click on that  

 You will now be redirected  to create a youtube channel.

Note :- If you want to change your youtube channel name then 
1- Sign in to  your youtube.com account 
2-  Click your account icon provided in the top right side and then select setting .
3 - click on the overview tab  from  the top left side  and then click on  edit on goolge next to your  channel name .
4 - Update the channel name  and click ok. 

Step II  Creating A Video

There  are many ways  that you can use to create your videos. You can use your smartphone camera to recd  video or your handycam . But if you  don't have a handycam or a smartphone (which is impossible in present era ) then you can use a screen recorder software  to create a video. Screen recorder  software are very useful when you want to  explain something on your PC .

File Format supported by  youtube.com -

* .MOV
* .MP4
* .AVI
* .WMV
* .FLV

Some of the  screen recorder software  Adobe Capacitive, Camstudio, Bandicam and others  you can search on google.com

Step III  Uploading Your Video To Youtube .com

Once you had created  your video next is to  upload it to your youtube  channel . For this  login to  your youtube account and on the home page you will see upward  arrow  on the top right side  of the page.
Click on that . 

You will be  redirected to the the upload  video page . In beginning you can able to upload videos  which are less than 15 minutes length . To be able to upload a video more than 15 minutes  you have to verify your mobile number .
you can find that  verification link on the upload video page at the bottom of the page indicated in below image with red box.

Step IV  Monetizing Your Video

This is the most important part to earn money from your youtube  video.
* From the top right side  of your youtube page click on your account icon  and from the drop down menu select creator studio.

* From  the left side menu select channel  and  then  status  and feature .

* From the right side menu find the monetization tab and click on enable .

* Now you will be redirected to apply for monetization page . from their click on  start  to begin the monetization  process.

* Now a popup will open which include term and condition read the term and condition carefully ,check all the boxes and click accept.

Step V  Signup For a Adsense Account

If  you don't have a adsense account  already then you  have to create it ,in  order to receive your  earning from youtube. You can get that link on the same page where you had enabled monetization 

When completed your signup on adsense  , 
*In order to change your adsense account associated with your youtube.com  account  click on your account icon from the top right  side of the your youtube page and then select the creator studio from the drop  down menu and  next click on channel  from the left menu  and then select  Monetization and then  select  associated adsense  account 

 * Now you will be redirected to page where you can see account associated with your youtube.com account to change the account associated click on  change and follow the onscreen instruction 

*Once  you had linked your adsense account to your youtube channel , next is to set the monetization preference you will be redirected to that option after you created your adsense account .And once you had set your monetization preference then you are done.

Note :- As of  April 6 , 2017  channels that have less than 10000 (ten thousand) views cannot run ads on their videos

Achieving 10000 view for your channel is not difficult if you are creating quality video  from quality I means professional videos.

Here's some of the methods you can try to achieve 10000 views for your channel faster :-

* Try to upload more number of videos . It will help cause the condition to run advertisement on your video is , your channel should have  10000 views not your every video.
* Use your social network to boast  your youtube video views .
* Always try to grow your subscribers .
* You can advertise your  video  on adword.com to boost your views.

* You can buy  a Tubemaster  to quickly reach 10000 views for your channel  , they also provide you guidance for  how to became a successful youtuber and earn $200 - $ 1000 per month. But this course cost you $47  which comes with a 60 days money back guarantee if you don't get satisfied.
Note :- Always use paypal.com account to buy on international market . I am saying this because paypal has a 180 days  refund policy  so if you are not  satisfied  with the product then  you can claim  a refund from  the paypal and it is very easy to claim your refund  so  your  money is always safe .
So if you are going to buy this tubemaster then pay through paypal.

Check this article to how to safely buy tubemaster from paypal   

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