How To Claim A Refund From Paypal

We always recommend to everyone because of it's buyers  protection policy as well as seller protection policy . As a buyer of a product whose payment is processed through paypal.c0m , you will get 180 days to claim a refund if  you are  not satisfied with the product.

Here's the full process to claim a refund from the paypal -

1-  Login to your  account 
2- Go to summary page , here you can see all of your transaction you had done in the past.

3- Now click on the payment for which you want a refund .

4- Now scroll down and you will see report a problem  , click on that.

5  Now you will be redirected to the report a dispute page  to select a reason for dispute, select the appropriate reason  and click continue.

6- Now you will be taken to contact the seller page.

7- Fill the form you are provided with including what did you purchase, what's wrong with the item and a message describing what made you choose to opt for a refund.

8-  Once fill the form click on the contact seller and  you will see a message that your message  was sent to the respective seller .

9- Now wait for 2-3  days to get a response from the seller . If seller responded and refund your money then ok.
10- If seller is not ready to give the refund or not responding then go to resolution center .You can get that link in the left site of your summary page of paypal.

11- On resolution center page  you will see all your dispute's opened , click on the view to see the response on a particular  dispute .

12- Now you will see all your message sent and received on this dispute.

13 - Scroll down and you will see a link Escalate to paypal , click on that link.

14 - You will now redirected to escalate  to paypal  page scroll down and write the message explaining problem  regarding the product and with the seller . Make sure to write a proper reason  why you want refund from the seller .

15 -Once typed the message click on the send button and you are done .

 You had done your part now its completely paypal responsibility  to get your money back . Once the settlement is done your refund will be credited back in the  card you  used to make the payment within 30 days .

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